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Which parenting approach does Empowered Parenting follow?

The Empowered Parenting philosophy is to support your individual journey as a parent. The program helps you understand different approaches (e.g., sleep strategies) so you can make an informed choice that best fits with your baby’s characteristics, your values, and your family resources.
How is Empowered Parenting different from other parenting classes?
Empowered Parenting classes offer parents practical content complemented with real perspectives from experienced parents in the community in one convenient, holistic format. Our emphasis on community accessibility means we strive to find creative ways to make the program affordable and help parents build wider community support networks beyond traditional programs. For example, experienced parents with two or three children or neighborhood professionals (e.g., pediatric specialist) regularly join class discussion to share their veteran perspective and “tried-and-true” strategies on class topics.

What does a typical Empowered Parenting class look like?
Classes typically have 5 to 8 parents and meet for 60 or 90 minutes. Each class addresses an age-appropriate topic and begins with parent reflection or child observation, followed by sharing among the group. The class facilitator then leads a class discussion around relevant expert opinions, approaches and research. To wrap up the class, an experienced parent may join the topic discussion, to share their related experience and answer questions.

Who designed the Empowered Parenting curriculum?
Empowered Parenting is modeled after the curriculum of New York City’s Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) in Manhattan, a popular new parent program established in 1974 to teach parents the principles of child development and provide much needed support for parents. A similar ECDC-based model, Positive Parenting, was offered in Denver, CO. Empowered Parenting offers an updated version of this time-tested curriculum, tailored to San Francisco parents.

Who facilitates the Empowered Parenting classes?
Liz Lian Ungar currently facilitates all class series. Liz brings over 15 years of experience in small group facilitation, in addition to her own experience as a mother.

Can partners or dads join classes?
Of course, partners and dads are welcome to join our classes, on their own or with their partners. To support the full participation of both parents, Empowered Parenting classes are offered free to partners of one attending parent.

I am a second-time parent. Can I sign up for these classes?
Yes! Second-time parents are welcome to sign up for classes. Although the original curriculum was designed to support first-time parents, second-time parents have found class topics relevant and practical.



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